Monday, 17 December 2012

[DEV][JB] Unofficial CyanogenMod 10

Hello everyone, here i am representing you the continued work of team jellaxy for samsung galaxy mini, at the moment i am having problems in syncing sources So erikcas will be compiling for mini, and i will do the testing and bug fixing
Remember it is a continuation of previous thread : [DEV][ICS/JB] Unofficial CyanogenMod 9/10 , U all spammed the previous thread badly!! Try to avoid doing the same in this one..
Downloads are available in second post
Happy flashing

Based on Android Jellybean 4.1.2, so most of its features are present
OTA Updater

ONLY Native Wifi and USB Tethering does not work(Use another app from playstore)

Initial release
Youtube HQ works
Colourful camera
No more sound bugs
and many more things, so find yourself after exploring the rom

Download Link: Unofficial CM10_10-12-12


Youtube HQ patch included
Video Recording now works
Wifi more stable now
OTA upddater app now included(which means u can now update OTA from next release thanks to mweulink for the app )
Bluetooth permission problem also fixed now
All in all a very smooth and the most stable release for Mini for a long time, now we move to AOSP

Download Link: Unofficial CM10_15-12-12

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