Thursday, 7 February 2013

[DEV][ROM][GB 2.3.6] Simply_STOCK Galaxy Mini

This ROM's main target is stability and responsiveness. It is fast as many bloatware are removed. Good for gaming, multitasking. It would be a simple stock based custom rom with not much eye-candy but under the hood tweaks. Don't request much themeing and apps as it would ruin the rom's purpose of stability and responsiveness.

What's Working:

• RIL (Phone & Data)
• 2D & 3D Acceleration
• Audio
• Camera
• Wifi
• Wifi Tether
• Bluetooth
• USB Mount
• SD Card
• USB Tether
• Radio FM


~ Based on Gingerbread 2.3.6 XWKTN / XWKT6
• De-odexed system
• EXT4 File System
• Improved Battery life, smooth & fast
• GPU Hack
• init.d support
• updated some app to latest version
• Build.prop, init.rc and init.d tweaks
• Enabled MMS skin chooser (Messaging > Settings > Message skin)
• Added CM Screenshot in Power Menu
• Added Samsung GALAXY SIII "poweron.ogg" boot-sound
• pre-rooted
• added Swipe to Clear Notification
• Added Latest BusyBox
• Added CRT Screen-off Animation
• Removed stock apps
- Google apps that can be downloaded from the Market (Gmail, Maps, Voice Search and Youtube) to ensure that you get the latest version and to save space
- Samsung apps (Quick Office, Software Updater, Samsung Market, Dual Clock Widget, Program Monitor Widget, Screen Capture Service, Home Screen Tips, and Social Hub)

OC(upto 864mhz) Kernel by tj_style (as the in andro-id 3.3.1);
Tiny Preempt RCU Subsystem;
IO Schedulers: NOOP, CFQ, BFQ, SIO, VR;
Added more CPU Governor: Interactive, InteractiveX, SmartAss, SmartAss2, Scary, SavagedZen, SmoothAss, BrazillianWax, MinMax & LagFree ;
Swap Enabled;
Using EXT4 filesystem;
Redefined StatusBar;
a2sd (Darktremor) support (OPTIONAL);
Seeder included;
Added Terminal (running commands);
Added No-frills CPU Control;
Many icons changed (battery too);
Nice font (Don't remember the name);
ICS animations;
Samsung EnergySaver included;
Swype 1.4 (latest official one, not samsung's) included;
ICS like dialer;
Droidwall included;
Some nice ringtones and notification sounds;
Last and not the least...
Under the hood tweaks for performance and gaming.


None. All can run normally.




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